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‘Swinging from the Chandelier’ is a phrase that conjures up images of the wildest and most extravagant parties. An ornate and sophisticated centre piece for the room, our chandelier boosts 18 lights that can be dimmed to create the perfect atmosphere.

Suspended on a lifting system, the Chandelier hangs in the room and appears to be a typical chandelier, until the moment when it begins to descend, the aerial apparatus is attached, the aerialist appears and is elegantly lifted up into position to execute a graceful and seductive aerial performance.

This act has added an air of decadence to some of the grandest venues in Europe including The Roundhouse, Harvey Nichols, Koko’s, The Hippodrome, Sketch & Glastonbury Festival.

The Chandelier can be dressed to accommodate themes including Valentines with Flowers and Hearts, Winter  and Xmas with Stalictites, Halloween with Cobwebs.

Clients include Harvey Nichols, Damien Hirst, Smirnoff, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Lost Vaguenss, Erotica Expo, Money 2020 Europe, Philippe Starck, Wella