Zero Central's very own Graham Sugarlump Power is credited as being one of the first people to play Dance Music at Glastonbury Festival.
The Guardian Reports

Graham is a DJ with an encyclopedic knowledge of music from the past 50 years, an extensive record collection, rare mixing abilities, an insatiable appetite for new music and an uncanny ability to read a dance floor and find the right tunes. 

Graham was an active member of the infamous free party scene in the 90's with his 'Sugarlump Sound System', which is credited as being one of the first to play electronic music at Glastonbury Festival as well as running regular club nights in London for much of the decade.

Graham was a resident DJ at 'Torture Garden' during the 00's and provided much of the eclectic dance floor soundtrack that was synonymous with Mathew Glamour's club kid boat party 'Kash Point'.

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