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SANTA’S CIRCUS is full of the brightest and sweetest Circus Characters in town.

Characters can be roving on Stilts, Hanging in the Air, Spinning Hula Hoops, Balancing on their Hands, Throwing Knifes, Contorting, Performing Acrobatics, Singing, Cyr Wheeling ....

You name it .... We have the whole Circus !!

Not just for Xmas, these couture costumes cut a fine figure for any party looking for eye-catching entertainers.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces in the crowd, these fun-loving characters are a great way to get your party started.

These acts can be performed at any time throughout your event or can be curated into a 30 min stage show.

A free standing aerial rig is available if you require a rigging point.

Mix and Match the skills and performances to maximise your budget.

The only limitation is your imagination.