Stah Sea Horse small.jpg

These wonderfully colourful, quirky and fun Seas Creatures are known as Pinkie the Octopus and Bluey the Sea Horse, and they have come out of the water and onto the land, protected from the strange environment by their own personal bubble, to entertain you with their strange, interactive, sea creature dance moves, or simply grab your attention as you pass by, while they hold a still and elegant pose.

The sea creatures rubber costumes are eye-catching with their bright colours and bespoke design, you will not find another act quite like it. Captivating for adults and children alike !!

The sea creature’s bubbles can float on water and are a brilliant addition to your pool party. They can be stationed on land, besides the docks, or even in the sand by the sea.

The bubbles can even be suspended in the air, as Pinkie and Bluey also happen to be world class aerial performers. The movements maybe limited but the spectacle is captivating.

2 seperate bubbles are available.