The Raunch is a a morality play about getting away with it.

A punk panto, cabaret circus, western pastiche, on acid, The Raunch is set in a high tech, animated, landscape of sweeping desert plains and frontier towns, dressed in a cowboy aesthetic, The Raunch is designed to entertain you to the tips of your snakeskin boots.

Starring a whip cracking, laser ass, pony girl sheriff, a hair-hanging charlatan, a fire-breathing sword-swallowing outlaw, tap dancing knife throwing identical twins, a hand balancing high flying bandit, cyr wheel riding leather clad cowboy and narrated by a peyote drinking transvestite outcast.

Not for the faint hearted, this all twerking, rodeo rocking, nipple tassel twirling, hover board riding extravaganza of a show will leave you wanting to saddle up and holler Yee Haw.

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Commissioned by Yorkshire Festival, Created by Zero Central, Produced by Underbelly Productions & Supported by Arts Council England.


"Likeably rude, dirty-mouthed fun perpetrated by a skilled cast"  THE TIMES

"This is no ordinary cowboy themed cabaret show, it’s sexy and bad ass with some outrageous surprises ... it does not fail to deliver."  - MUMBLE CIRQUE

"Jaw dropping trapeze and acrobatics" - ONE4REVIEW

"A little bit country and a little bit rock n roll, all with a grimy London flavour. The Raunch is energetic, entertaining and worth saddling up for." - BROADWAY WORLD

"A fun and high energy hour … when it's good, it's very good indeed" - FEST

"The crowd are loving every minute, whooping and
applauding fit to raise the roof" - BOUQUETS & BRICKBATS